North Alabama British Motoring Society
North Alabama British Motoring Society

Club Leadership

President - David Shelly


David has served us repeatedly as Club  President because:
1) He was willing to serve the club
2) He's great at leading the organization. Retired Army officer.
3) We reelect him because he's awesome!
David has the British car bug x3. He's got one MGA and two MGBs.

Vice President - Brian Miller


 Brian Miller has been a staple of our club as he always does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to our annual EuroBrit show. Brian is priceless!  He's got a sweet Morgan Aero 8.  

Secretary/Treasurer - Lou Nosenzo


Lou keeps our club's finances in order, pays bills, reimburses incidentals, and cuts checks for hosting events. He also collects membership dues and if you haven't paid them this year...still ONLY $15! Lou does a great job for us and smiles as he cruises in his Alfa Romeo or his Jag.

Program Director - Terry Roop


Terry has worked tirelessly to set up things for the club to do that involves driving our cars. Sometimes it's a destination, sometimes it's a drive that ends at a restaurant or a distillery or a museum. Terry has a Triumph and a Mercedes. 

Web Master - Charlie Montgomery


Although there are some who question if his '73 MGB exists, the photo is proof that it is in perpetual restoration. Charlie has implemented a new website and will have a web team to provide timely updates. If your car's photo isn't on the site, send me a photo. All member's car(s) get representation! Show it off!